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US Navy destroyer pulls away from British carrier strike group

After nearly 13 months of training alongside the UK Carrier Strike Group, USS The Sullivans (DDG 68) detached from the Carrier Strike Group in the Arabian Sea on October 19. THIRD MARINE AIRCRAFT SQUADRE / 1st Lieutenant Zachary Bodner

LONDON – The USS The Sullivans, an Arleigh Burke-class destroyer, has left the British Carrier Strike Group after a five-month contribution to the global deployment, the British Ministry of Defense announced on October 26.

After working with the Carrier Strike Group (CSG) for the past 13 months, USS The Sullivans left the group after seven months of deployment alongside Royal Navy ships.

The destroyer and her 280-man crew have made a significant contribution, both during pre-deployment exercises off the Scottish coast last spring and throughout the CSG’s deployment since May.

USS The Sullivans have played a key role in numerous exercises from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean and vice versa, including countries such as Japan, the Republic of Korea and Singapore, as well as NATO. Such exercises develop interoperability between armies, improving regional stability and security.

“The motto of the Sullivan’s ship says it all about the special relationship between the British and US navies: ‘We stand united,’” said Minister of the Armed Forces James Heappey. “I would like to thank the entire company of his ship for their exceptional contribution to the deployment of the carrier strike group.”

Commissioned in 1997 and named after the five Sullivan brothers who tragically lost their lives when their ship sank in WWII, the USS The Sullivans is one of the escort ships providing air defense for the aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth during its first global deployment.

“USS The Sullivans were excellent representatives of the United States during Carrier Strike Group 21,” said the brigadier. General Simon Doran, High National Representative of the United States for the CSG. “From the North Sea to the South China Sea, from support for combat operations under Operation Inherent Resolve to more than a dozen exercises with foreign navies, the sailors of the Sullivans have embodied the namesake of their ship – we stand united.

A tangible demonstration of the UK’s closest defense and security relationship, US participation in this deployment significantly contributed to the development of the strike capability of British aircraft carriers. In June, the British CSG operated alongside the French aircraft carrier Charles De Gaulle at a historic moment for NATO.

“I am extremely proud of every Sailor on the Sullivans for consistently providing an integrated multi-domain capability to Carrier Strike Group 21 in support of HMS Queen Elizabeth’s first deployment,” said Cmdr. James R. Diefenderfer Jr., Commanding Officer of USS The Sullivans. “We have gained tremendous respect for our CSG21 counterparts as we sailed the world together, demonstrating our shared commitment to upholding the freedom of navigation of our seas, and it was impressive to be part of their seamless integration with so many others. allies and partners. along the way.”

“We could not have functioned as well as we did without the genuine support of Commodore Moorhouse, Brig. General Doran, along with the ship’s crews and squadron personnel who made up CSG21, ”said the commanding officer. “Everyone was extremely welcoming every step of the way, and all were true partners in all theaters of operations since our first operation together in the North Sea in the fall of 2020.”

The CSG has traveled more than 40,000 nautical miles across the Mediterranean, Indian Ocean and Philippine Sea. The main body of the group is currently visiting India as part of a powerful demonstration of the UK-India comprehensive strategic partnership.

USS The Sullivans will resume national missions in the Mediterranean and the Atlantic Ocean in the coming weeks.

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