• Tue. Jun 21st, 2022

The son of the deputy of the BJP “looted” by a woman from an escort agency, 4 associates

The son of a BJP member of Uttar Pradesh was allegedly looted valuables worth Rs 1.5 lakh at the tip of a knife by a woman in an escort service and four associates outside a five star suburban hotel here on Sunday night.

Although a dacoity case has been filed against unknown individuals, no arrests have been made so far. Police said they were trying to identify the accused.

According to police, businessman Mehar Singh Tanwar, son of Kanwar Singh Tanwar, who is the BJP MP for Amroha, Uttar Pradesh, filed a complaint at Vakola police station on Sunday evening.

Police said Mehar Singh Tanwar, who allegedly stayed at the Grand Hyatt in Santacruz East at the invitation of his business partner, contacted an escort agency on Sunday evening.

He allegedly asked them to send a female escort to his room at the Hyatt. The escort agency reportedly told him to meet the woman outside the hotel. “He contacted the escort service via WhatsApp and approved a woman. He was then invited by an agent from the escort agency to make the payment outside the hotel, ”said an officer from the Vakola police station.


Mehar Singh Tanwar and his business partner, an NRI, were reportedly accosted by four men outside the hotel and threatened with a knife.

“The four henchmen and a woman sent by the escort agency took valuables worth Rs 1.5 lakh and fled,” the officer said.
Senior Inspector Mahadeo Vavhale said police asked the hotel to hand over CCTV footage from cameras mounted on the doors to identify the accused.

“We recorded the complainant’s statements. We also take note of the statements of hotel employees, ”he said.
A spokesperson for the hotel declined to release details, but added, “We are cooperating with police and cannot comment until we know the scope of the investigation. There is no chance that the incident has happened inside the hotel premises as there is a lot of movement and no possibility of isolation. “

Meanwhile, MK Kanwar Singh Tanwar claimed that it was his son’s partner who contacted the escort agency. “My son is a partner of a nationwide restaurant dealership and had been invited to Mumbai for business by his partner NRI. On Sunday, the partner called the escort agency and was told to meet the agent outside the hotel… When my son and his partner came out, four men threatened them and took it by force. my son’s wristwatch worth Rs 1.5 lakh and the money he was carrying, “he said.

In his ballot affidavit filed in March 2014, the MP declared movable assets worth Rs 37.49 crore and real estate assets worth Rs 141.3 crore. assets belonging to the deputy, his wife and his son.

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