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The agency arrests 38 people for false residence

ByJanice K. Merrill

Aug 15, 2022

The National Immigration Agency (NIA) said yesterday it had arrested 38 suspects accused of buying or making and selling fake residence permits and other forms of identification.

The suspects, including 34 purchasers of false documents, have been arrested in recent months and referred to the Taipei District Prosecutor’s Office for investigation on suspicion of forgery, fraud and organized crime, the agency said. in a press release.

The NIA said it learned about the bogus network through social media advertisements offering to “make, sell and send” ID cards, residence permits and national health insurance cards from the Republic of China (Taiwan).

Photo courtesy of the National Immigration Agency

An investigation revealed that the ads were published by a counterfeiting operation run by an undocumented Vietnamese migrant worker identified as Mei (梅), the agency said in a statement.

Mei, who is in her 30s, allegedly ran the operation from an apartment in Taipei, along with three other suspects – another undocumented Vietnamese and a transnational married couple, the agency said.

The four suspects, one of whom is a Taiwanese, allegedly forged the documents using high-end computers, photocopiers and laminators, the agency added.

Mei charged between 3,000 and 8,000 Taiwan dollars (100 to 266.76 US dollars) for each document, and over a two-year period, the network reportedly earned around 10 million Taiwan dollars from a large number of undocumented migrant workers. , did he declare.

The NIA had monitored the four suspects for about eight months, before arresting them in a July 28 raid on the apartment, it said.

During this period, the agency arrested 34 undocumented migrant workers, who had obtained false documents from the suspects, it said.

The NIA said the maximum fine for knowingly employing an undocumented migrant worker is NT$750,000.

About 70,331 undocumented migrant workers live in Taiwan, of which 39,927 are from Vietnam, according to data from the Ministry of Labor.

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