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New construction limits parking on campus

ByJanice K. Merrill

Nov 20, 2021
Photo by Alexandre Knobloch

As the new Tiedtke Theater & Dance Center is under construction, the Rollins community is adjusting to new parking restrictions.

In a campus-wide email, Assistant Vice President of Facilities Services Jeremy Williamson said the Alfond Sports Center parking lot will be closed during construction. The car park has been closed since November 5 and was officially declared banned on November 8.

Williamson said the Tiedtke Theater & Dance Center is expected to be completed by the end of 2022. In the meantime, he has requested that the cars be parked “either in the SunTrust or Rollins garage or in another parking lot on campus.”

Williamson also noted that parking will not be available on Chase Avenue while the project is underway, and that there may be times when the road is not available. Chase Avenue is the road past the Alfond Sports Center, flanked by the Cornell Hall for Social Sciences.

Vice President of Campus Safety and Security Ken Miller said, “[parking] will get a little tighter on campus with we losing 85 more or less spaces, but we should be able to manage the volume between Rollins and SunTrust garages.

The Tiedtke Theater & Dance Center will be a 16,165 square foot space located north of Keene Music Hall, near the Annie Russell Theater. Collaborator Elsa Wenzel wrote in a item for Rollins360 that the location of the Center will be “[anchor] a creative arts district on campus. The space will have not only a performance space, but also a design lab and classrooms for students.

Although the project does not add a new parking lot at the Alfond Sports Center, Miller said the northern part of the parking lot will be modified “to better serve the parking lot for motorcycles / scooters, the disabled, visitors and sports buses.” .

Responses to parking restrictions have been mixed. Omar Sadek (’23) said that Alfond’s land is mainly used for faculty parking, which means students parking on campus will be impacted due to faculty travel.

On November 17, the Campus Safety and Security Office sent an email guaranteeing that students with disabilities still have access to adequate parking. The college will install signs that will designate the entire Warren Administration parking lot as a disabled parking lot, which will be in place for the duration of the construction of the center and the remediation of the Warren Administration building.

“I think it’s really good that the college recognizes that disability parking on campus is an issue,” said Carson Holmes-Boring (’23). “I use disabled parking and the places available on campus are limited at the start. “

Those who need to park further away from their destination can contact Accessibility Services, Title IX, Human Resources, Sports Training or Wellness Center to be placed on the Courtesy Escort List . Students will also be informed of any other parking restrictions due to specific construction activities.

Some students went to Yik Yak to express their frustrations with the parking lot. Yik Yak is an application that allows individuals to post short comments anonymously to other users in the same geographic area.

“F— this new building, that takes me a long way to get to tarpotle [Cornell Café]. So why are we going to get rid of the parking lot. make better rollins, ”one user posted on Nov 10.

For Solomon Brooks (’25), student complaints do not cover the big picture.

“To be a student here at Rollins, you have all of your needs met within walking or cycling distance,” Brooks said. “It is a privilege for you to be able to drive on campus and, even then, the benefits that the Theater [and Dance] ministry is going to get by getting this new building to trump the only parking lot that will […] It’s much more than just “oh we’re losing a parking spot,” and if that’s all you focus on, you’re missing out on the bigger educational benefits it’s going to have. “

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