Does the company provide the appropriate expert qualifications? Can the deposit be refunded if it is not successful?

Journalists find out the method, relationship expenses, successful covers and other strategies for their website, but no response to the press, site crews say your creator is on the mend.

“Class Shopping for” Bride is an activity, for example real people traffickers! Said Li Jian, a lawyer from Zhejiang. He explained that currently China is simply not ready to recognize foreign online dating services, these companies are suspected of this form of mercenary marriage.

“Exactly why a higher fever”, “The economic climate of the bride? “

How are “Vietnamese brides” common in Asia? The expert mentioned that it is related to the social history and the dilemmas of the reality of two nations.

A 22-year-old named Honglin is preparing to go to Vietnam to learn a girlfriend, his reason is because marriage and home making teenagers is too expensive. “Chinese women will need a vehicle, I will be a migrant worker, it will probably be extremely difficult to get an outstanding Chinese woman!” “

Honglin’s monthly money is actually 2000 Yuan, the guy said he is regarded as unwanted person in China, in some urban centers in Vietnam, he will probably become regarded as abundant guy. Honglin said the guy cursed and knew on the internet that there were several good Vietnamese girls and that after the relationship “they didn’t get rid of each other when they got hit and could therefore act as a nanny.”

The Feng Group, a professor of sociology at the Zhejiang institution, claimed that due to the financial difference between China and Vietnam and growing personal pressure, certain low-level statuses cast a particular look on the Vietnam. Although some women residing in a bad country in Vietnam further wished to replace the future through these types of transnational partnerships.

A professional also claimed that Vietnam this excellent part possesses a difference between men and women brought about by the long term battle, economic backwardness and paid social status of women also pushes Vietnamese women to marry there. ‘foreigner, and for cheap Chinese singles to marry a Vietnamese girlfriend also attracted a lot of people to choose their women from Vietnam, and all kinds of these aspects can normally form a kind of “bride economy”.


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