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14-year-old girl faces the fastest cars on the road

ByJanice K. Merrill

Nov 29, 2021

Hoonigan and Ken Block are back with season 2 of Hoonicorn versus. The world, their hugely popular YouTube series with over 47 million views in its first season. There is a dramatic twist to season two, however – with an all-new “Block” behind the wheel. For the first time ever, Hoonigan Chief in Charge Ken Block hands over the keys to his 1,400-horsepower, four-wheel-drive, twin-turbocharged, methanol-fueled Ford Mustang Hoonicorn to another driver: his 14-year – old maid, Lia Block.

Episode 1 of the show’s second season launches today on the Hoonigan YouTube channel, featuring Lia and the Hoonicorn taking on a 4000 horsepower Corvette Pro Stock piloted by NHRA driver Alex Laughlin. Each week, Lia Block will take on a new challenger in the best of three unprepared drag racing formats, ranging from this full NHRA Pro Stock dragster to one of the world’s fastest R35 GTRs, a Tesla Model S Plaid and nearly all. Between. Taking lessons from Season 1 of the show, the Hoonigans have lined up some of the fastest and most interesting cars to take on the incredibly fast Hoonicorn.

“I’ve been around my dad’s racing cars for as long as I can remember, obviously, and I’ve always wanted to know what it’s like to drive one. I learned to make donuts in his Ford Escort Mk2 78 in a parking lot last year, but the Hoonicorn is a big step forward !! Lia Block joked. “Since then I’ve done a ton of go-kart races, ran my first rally race, got a podium in the Nitro Rallycross race in a Sierra Car and trained with awesome drivers like NHRA Top Fuel Dragster Driver Leah Pruett for helping me get ready for the craziest car my dad ever drove: the Hoonicorn. It was such a crazy experience. I love driving this car !! “

The Hoonicorn also received a set of key updates, mostly safety-based: a reinforced roll bar with intrusion bars on the doors, a gearshift system (allowing the Lia to keep both hands on the steering wheel at all times), and a full halo seat to protect the driver in the event of an impact. An American Racing VF503 wheelset was installed (with new tire bead gripping technology), in addition to an all-new Death Spray Custom livery – a tribute to the original look of the Hoonicorn since its launch in 2014.

“With the enthusiasm of the fans on Hoonicorn Vs. World Season 1, we knew she had to come back! I hadn’t planned to ride the Hoonicorn again since my contract with Ford expired in late 2020, but at the same time time, Lia was very serious about running – so the stars just aligned for this opportunity to materialize. So we have to keep a block in the Hoonicorn, just a different block! “said Ken Block.” See Lia’s natural talent and progress behind the wheel has been a surreal experience for me. To say it’s a daddy’s proud moment would be a major understatement! The Hoonicorn is one of the craziest and gnarliest cars out there. I’ve never driven, and I never would have put my teenage daughter behind the wheel if I hadn’t had the confidence that she could handle it. And, she handled it like a champ! seen bruising some egos during the filming of season 2 of Hoonicorn versus. The world, I couldn’t be more delighted with his level of skill and mastery of the car – at only 14 !! ”

Additionally, the 1,400 horsepower Ford Mustang RTR Hoonicorn V2 will be one of the fastest new premium vehicles in Zynga’s popular mobile drag racing game, CSR Race 2 (CSR2). Now, anyone with a smartphone will be able to virtually hop in the Ford Mustang RTR Hoonicorn V2 and race against icons like the SSC Tuatara, Weaver Customs’ Twisted Mistress, and more. As a highlight of the in-game event, players will be able to get racing tips by following Ken as he teaches Lia to drag racing.

The first season saw the Hoonigan crew pit the Hoonicorn against a wide variety of unique vehicles from a Trophy Truck, McLaren, and even Old Smokey (Diesel Truck). The project was conceptualized on what people did with the Hoonicorn in a video game, and brought it to life to show people how fast the Hoonicorn was against the variety of vehicles selected. In season two, that quest continues as the internet’s most iconic car, driven by the automotive world’s youngest prodigy, takes on a new generation of the world’s most powerful challengers in a racing format of dragsters without preparation.

With over 47 million views and more, Hoonicorn Vs. The World is an unprecedented success of the YouTube series. With new cars, new surprises, and even a new block, Hoonigan is definitely stepping up a gear for season two.

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